Silver Spring Inc ReBrand Coming… For Real

We’ve been promising a rebrand since 1983. Hope you’re still on the edge of your seat.

Having moved to Silver Spring proper in 2008, I had some things I wanted to say about this amazing community that I lucked into. Inspired by Just Up The Pike, Thayer Ave and Silver Spring Singular, a blog seemed like a reasonable channel to do that. Discouraged by not having enough to say, and not wanting to upkeep a site, I backed off the idea. I buried Robitussin-fueled dreams of being able to offer some contributions to Silver Spring through a blog. In 2013, however, I stalked Dan Reed at Kefa Cafe‘s 17th birthday. Coercing him to have coffee with me, I talked grand designs, including some event ideas I had, at which point he pushed me off onto Megan Moriarty.

Megan, proprietor of Fenton Street Market, my then-girlfriend-now-wife B, Amina Ahmad, Queen Hustler of Handmade Habitat, and I immediately clicked and tried to weave our visions together into one cohesive magnum opus. I, non-web designer, threw up the Silver Spring Inc WordPress site in hopes of having an entity which would organize city-wide community building events and a platform that residents could share their ideas about Silver Spring. A friend-designed logo tried to draw ideas of the red and purple line intersecting, showing history and (potential) future.

In 2014, we organized the first City-Wide Silver Spring Easter Egg Hunt with prizes sponsored by Puja Satiani and participation from over 50 Silver Spring local businesses, including Zed’s Cafe, Alliance Comics, and Fenwick Beer & Wine.  We had beautiful art created by local artists, including Meagan Healy and Dave Lemen. Some people loved the event. Some people thought we blew it. The giant bunny scared my friends’ daughter. From there, I started tweeting from @SilverSpringInc. B used her super ill photography skills to post on our Instagram account. I brought on contributors from the area covering infrastructure, restaurants, art, politics and other elements of the city. We conducted interviews with Third Space Wellness, Reemberto Rodriguez, Jerry McCoy and other local personalities. We worked with Jonna Huseman to get outstanding pictures of local business owners. We hired Nate Fisher to manage content. Mike Diegel interviewed folks and edited our fifth grade writing. Abe Saffer contributed political pieces. We partnered with Creative Colony to create PechaKucha Silver Spring, hosted at Pyramid Atlantic. We organized the Silver Spring TweetUp (#SSTweetUp) and held it at Mrs. K’s, Denizens and other local venues. The events we threw were designed to:

  • Bring residents together
  • Provide a marketing channel for small, local business
  • Highlight local artists

In creating this content and these events, we came to believe the spirit of Silver Spring lies at a crossroads between residents, artists and local businesses. Development has brought wonderful growth to Silver Spring since the 80s and 90s, but that can also displace the heart of wonderful communities (as well as the arcade at City Place that had Mortal Kombat 2). Recognizing the opportunity to partner with businesses and artists and help them market themselves to their local audience, I pivoted the vision towards starting a full fledged marketing agency.

We started building out our infrastructure and processes. We clarified our vision and goals. We hired Brad Cranford for web development. Nate created the podcast Movie Nightcap and a super-secret project that will destroy your preconceptions about what Silver Spring is (Nate’s now working full-time on his content creation/consulting business). We worked with Christy Batta, hand lettering genius, to design the visual elements of our brand. We created cards, incorporated, and started bringing on clients. We set up our office in Creative Colony. We created Level up for local small businesses, freelancers and professionals to get their skill development on after hours. We did this all to answer the question we’re most often asked: “what the heck is Silver Spring Inc?”

Our visual brand drops on Monday, March 14. For serious. The website will just be a landing page for now, but if you stay tuned, you’ll see specific services emerge, new content, new events, and hopefully some magic. Thank you for your patience. We hope to explode your brains.

Pete Tan
A DC Native, people say I'm rude and abrasive; I say I'm passionate. I've been working in marketing since 2005. My brothers and I paid Geppi's rent through the 80s and 90s. My relief at an indoor wavepool never materializing in Silver Spring is balanced by my disappointment that City Place has dozens of shuttered storefronts. I love what you've done with your hair.

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