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Ever heard of Google? It’s a search engine that’s been around since 1998. A lot of people use it. Like a dependent boyfriend, Google wants to be involved in everything you do in your life. Today I’m going to tell you how to help them.

Why would I use more Google tools? Google is an overwhelmingly dominant force in the world of search marketing. As such, they offer a suite of tools that you’ll find are great for growing your business. These tools can be grouped under one Google account, which means only one login (and more importantly, only one password = less smashing your face against your monitor) and ease of integrating those tools. The tools that are worth considering are:

  • Google My Business – Want to show up in local search? Start here.
  • Google Analytics – Measure and track visitors to your website.
  • Google Search Console – Gain some insight into how your site is showing up in Google’s search results.
  • Google Mail – Lovely email client and better email servers than GoDaddy.
  • Google Calendar – Get your life in order. Fill it with hot dates.
  • Google Drive – Cloud storage. Don’t worry, no one knows what this means.

Having a Google account gives you access to a host of other great business tools, but these are a great place to start.

Pay attention to the email account you use! Google tools typically offer a nice feature whereby you can add additional account users with permissions management. That is to say you can give them read-only access (meaning they can view, but not edit), or various levels of administrative privileges. This can be nice when you have employees or outsourced marketing companies (ahem!) look at your accounts to lend their expertise. It’s important to remember that you may not want an employee’s email account as the owner or any email address that does not belong to you. In the case of some tools like Google Analytics, the real value is in the data they store. If you lose access to the email login information, you can lose access to the valuable data.

Set up is step 1. Once you create the account, you’re still not necessarily going to get a ton out of it. Each and every tool can be a fairly robust asset when properly customized. That being said, that takes some additional time. We’ll try to cover each of those in upcoming posts.

There’s very little reason not to have a Google account, unless you don’t use computers. If you don’t use computers, I commend you, but I also have to wonder why you’re looking at a printout of this blog post. All that aside, Google really does have a great suite of products that you can use for free. Many are easy to set up, or common enough that you can always pay someone to do it for you. There’s a learning curve to getting most out of each individual product, but you’re ready for that. After all, you’re reading this blog post.

Homework: Go start a Google Account. It’s easy and takes about 10 minutes. Start with Google Drive and start uploading documents to their 5GB of free cloud to see how you can easily access your document from anywhere with an internet connection. You’ll want to download the Google Drive App on your mobile devices, as well. Cheers!

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Pete Tan
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