What the Heck is REFLIP-C?

REFLIP-C is an acronym that stands for our core values. They are:
Resourceful – We’re a resource for Silver Spring. If it’s happening in Silver Spring or is about Silver Spring, we strive to be able to let you know about it. We also make use of our resources, however, including and most importantly our community members. That’s how we came up with our slogan, “Source The City”.

Engaged – We’re not just a bunch of people talking at you. We’re listening members of the community. We want to promote in, participate in, as well as offer a platform for dialogue within the community in order to get the most out of the city.

Fun – Do we need to explain this?

Local – We’re Silver Spring. We’re not DC. We’re not Montgomery County. We’re definitely not Bethesda. We’re not a huge city, but we’re a great one nonetheless. The vast majority of the content you find on our site and the events that we promote will be local to you.

Inclusive – We are attempting to represent the entirety of Silver Spring, which is a diverse community. That diversity is at the heart of what makes this city amazing, so we want to try to source from every part of the community as well as give back to every part of the community.

Positive – We’re not a bunch of hippies at a Phish concert. That being said, we want to promote and contribute to Silver Spring in a positive way in an attempt to bring out the best in individuals, thereby getting the best out of the community.

Community Created – This site represents an idea that Silver Spring is a community full of residents that are resourceful, intelligent, creative and human. We’re a source for information, events, and news, but we’re also an outlet for people to further that idea. We hope to be a resource to facilitate residents to shape Silver Spring in great ways. Contact us at [email protected] to get involved.