Silver Spring Inc is a Marketing Agency located in Silver Spring. Bound together by an idea that Silver Spring is a great place to live with a potential to be even greater, we work together to centralize information, promote events, and provide a platform for other residents to get involved. Let us know what you want to do with Silver Spring by contacting us at:

[email protected]

We have a core set of values represented by REFLIP-C. Click here to read about it.

Why “Incorporated”?

Silver Spring is an unincorporated city of Montgomery County. That means that we have no municipal government to represent our population of roughly 80,000 people (nearly 200,000 throughout the entire postal code definition of Silver Spring) and almost 8 square miles. While there has been debate over the topic over the last decade or so, we’re not trying to incorporate Silver Spring. We’re simply trying to fill a niche and provide a resource that connects residents and gives us a platform to engage the city.

In addition, we’re a group that wants to promote local businesses. You’ll typically find events, news and our directory promoting local businesses to provide all residents the opportunity to know what’s going and how to support your community.