Logo Design

The Golden Arches. The Swoosh. Apple. Great brands have great logos. You’re probably not going to grow your business to the size of McDonalds, Nike, or Apple, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore your logo.

A great logo can give your brand a beautiful, memorable visual cue. It can provide a consistent theme amongst different types of marketing channels whether it be print flyers, digital banners or your social media channels.

Smart logo design should not only look beautiful, but also give an idea of the values and personality of your brand. As a visual cue, it should reinforce your brand, so that existing customers as well as potential customers can relate to your brand and want to associate themselves with you.┬áRemember, a logo is not your brand. It’s just one visual representation of it. If you haven’t already considered your full brand, you may want to think through brand design.