Al Phillips @ Kefa Cafe – As I See It

Al Phillips Photo 1Step into Space 7:10 at Kefa Cafe and you may think you’ve traveled back in time. Donning the bright yellow walls are illustrations of people and places noting important moments in our collective recent cultural history- you know, that part of history that never gets covered in history class because the school year ends before history class reaches 1970.

The small selection of illustrations by Silver Spring based Pyramid Atlantic artist and former newspaper illustrator Al Phillips include images of historical legends like Nelson Mandela, Eddie Murphy, Martin Luther King, Bill Clinton and many more. These illustrations tell stories, often more clearly than a photograph can. Al says, “Artwork gives newspapers a different feel compared to photographs. When the newspaper wanted something special for a story they would often choose art over photographs as we could accentuate colors and exaggerate certain aspects of the image.”

The collection also includes architectural illustrations that Phillips has done all his life, but that he now finds essential to helping him cope with Parkinson’s Disease that he has had since 1998.

Al Phillips Pic 2Kefa dwellers can also enjoy Al’s ArtBlocks©, an art puzzle of his own invention consisting of 16 wooden blocks with geometric patterns that can be rearranged to reveal different designs. A few sets live on Kefa’s tables.

“As I See It” will be on view at Kefa Cafe until July 12th. Be sure to stop in to experience just a taste of Al Philip’s three decades worth of illustrated perspectives.

See more about the exhibit at Space 7:10’s blog.

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