Silver Spring TweetUp At Mrs. K’s #SSpringTweetUp

We’ve been talking about hosting a TweetUp for months and it’s finally happening!

What: Silver Spring Tweet Up

When: Tuesday, August 19, 7-9pm

Where: Hosted by Mrs K’s – & @MrsKsBarrelBar


Many have wanted to meet the lovely lady who tweets for @FentonStMarket.

The living social network, Silver Spring’s Joe Fox (@SilverSpringJoe) will be on hand to introduce you to everyone you don’t know!

Countless letters have come in from those wondering if Pete @SilverSpringInc is as sarcastic in real life as he is on Twitter.   Whether one man who splits himself between two identities can ever truly endure.

Rabbling mobs have politely asked: “Who the heck is @heeey_nate?!”  and “Does he even understand how to use Social Media?!”

We at Silver Spring Inc have pondered such questions ourselves.

But maybe you just like to drink good cocktails?  Then you should join us too!

Meet your Twitter friends and enjoy happy hour drink specials in the back garden at Mrs K’s.  Bartenders will even be holding demonstrations, showing us how to make some of their finest cocktails. Happy Hour pricing will be extended for our group, and you can find those specials by clicking here.

Tweet to us to RSVP or with any questions – @SilverSpringInc and follow along with the hashtag #SSpringTweetup.

While it’s only 1 mile from downtown, our hero, Joe Fox (@silverspringjoe) added this bus schedule for how to get to Mrs. K’s from downtown.

Bus options from SS Metro to Mrs. K’s
Route Leaves SS Arrives Mrs. K’s
RideOn 22 6:45 PM 6:50 PM
RideOn 8 6:52 PM 6:58 PM
MetroBus Z6 6:55 PM 7:01 PM
RideOn 9 7:00 PM 7:06 PM
MetroBus Z8 7:04 PM 7:10 PM
RideOn 14 7:05 PM 7:10 PM
RideOn 21 7:10 PM 7:15 PM
MetroBus Z2 7:14 PM 7:20 PM
RideOn 8 7:25 PM 7:31 PM
MetroBus Z6 7:26 PM 7:32 PM
RideOn 9 7:30 PM 7:36 PM
RideOn 14 7:35 PM 7:40 PM
MetroBus Z8 7:38 PM 7:44 PM
MetroBus Z6 7:50 PM 7:55 PM
Nate Fisher
I am part Dramatic Writer, part Forensic Scientist, a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades and all child at heart. I joined Silver Spring Inc as Content Manager in June 2014 and haven’t stopped smiling since. I’m passionate about movies, nostalgia, meeting new friends, making people smile and helping them accomplish their dreams. As a newcomer to Silver Spring I just want to keep watching and see where it’s going. From an outside perspective, it was clear upon moving here that there is something very special happening in this city right now. It’s my mission to help the Silver Spring community continue to grow and enjoy the ride.

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