Light Dancing

You know those accidental blurred light pictures you take on the 4th of July? Kefa Cafe’s current Space 7:10 exhibit takes it to the next level with Light Dancing.

With the assistance of her children, artist Alexandra Calloway took photos of moving light sources and used different exposure times for each photo. The result is captured light that moves across each image. (See if you can guess which images used glow sticks, a Firefly light toy and different colored LED lights.) Calloway says the process is very intuitive and surprising in how the different elements and variables of each photo come together.

This exhibit is a little darker and way more abstract than we’ve seen at Kefa recently, but the photos offer a look of life from a different perspective. Their energy is a little moodier but brightened with almost a celestial quality as the light dances through each photo and throughout Silver Spring’s most adorably yellow gallery. It’s perfectly Halloweeny and on display until November 15th.

Go check out the opening reception this Friday night, October 24th at Kefa Cafe.

Amina Ahmad
I run an eco-friendly candle and nostalgic housewares company - Handmade Habitat - and got my start at Fenton Street Market back in 2010. I got picked up as staff for the market back in 2012 and do some vendor relations, marketing and general Silver Spring takeover type of fun. I'm passionate about creating a more engaged creative community in Silver Spring. I love this neighborhood and have met so many cool, creative people with such big and awesome ideas since I moved to the area and can't wait to see them come to life! I'd like to see more space for the arts, a dog-friendly version of the Purple Line so I can bring my bad little pup to all my favorite places with me, and just a few new but not douchey bars.

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