Winter Storm Closings – February 17, 2015

Silver Spring is expecting a substantial snow storm tonight into tomorrow morning with an accumulation of 5-8 inches. We will update this list of businesses that have confirmed that they will be closing or have limited hours Tuesday February 17th, 2015. We will also make a special note if any businesses contact us about closing early this evening as well.

Silver Spring businesses can let us know their status at [email protected] or tweet us @SilverSpringInc. Thanks!

Feel free to share any tips or info you come across in the comments as well.


Little Gym of Silver Spring
Willow Street Yoga – Morning Classes Cancelled
Crossfit Silver Spring – Morning Classes Cancelled
MoCo Public Schools & Administrative Offices
Scion – Closed for lunch

Confirmed Open

Denizen’s Brewing Co – Open at 10AM
Bump N Grind
Shepherd’s Table
YMCA – Open at 12 Noon
Spunk Fitness
The Limerick Pub – Open at 11AM
Sligo Cafe – Open at 11AM
Adega Wine Cellar – Open at 12 Noon
School of Rock
Whole Foods
El Golfo Restaurant
Mrs. K’s TollHouse – Open at 5PM
Zed’s Cafe

Stay warm, stay safe Silver Spring! Please reach out to the Silver Spring Inc community if you need any assistance.

**No, Mike Diegel that does not include shoveling your driveway.

** No, Abe Saffer that does not include shoveling a path from your place to Denizen’s.

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