Bon Appétit: Asian Bistro Offers Killer Tofu, Teriyaki and More

Oh, Asian Bistro. How we love you.

Cliff and I both got a huge smile on our faces when we saw that this restaurant was next on our tour list. It’s a place we’ve been many times and definitely one of our favorites. In fact, it’s pretty safe to say that Asian Bistro is our favorite “Chinese” restaurant east of the Mississippi.

Jonna's smile at Asian Bistro

Normally, we order carry out. Cliff gets General Tso’s Chicken, extra spicy, with extra sauce. I get the vegetable fried rice, and we both enjoy California Rolls. (Seriously. They have the best California Rolls). But in keeping with the food-tour rules, we ate in and each tried something we hadn’t previously ordered.

This was actually more challenging than we anticipated, since Asian Bistro’s menu is so large. The restaurant primarily offers both Chinese and Japanese cuisine, but also features salads, seafood and a few Thai dishes.

Cliff went with the teriyaki chicken. I chose the vegetarian sesame chicken. We split an order of California Roll (we couldn’t help ourselves, okay? They’re just that good!) and Honey Boston Roll. To top it off, he had a sweet tea and I had a Zombie.

Asian Bistro didn’t disappoint. Our food was amazing! For the record, my tofu chicken smelled, looked, and tasted like actual chicken. It was so good that Cliff said he might order tofu in the future.

I know we’re slightly biased, but if you’re looking for a place that offers a casual environment and a wide variety of dishes that are great for the whole family, we definitely recommend Asian Bistro. You won’t be disappointed.

What We Ordered:

  • California Roll: $4.50
  • Honey Boston Roll: $5.50
  • Chicken Teriyaki: $11.50
  • Vegetarian Sesame Chicken: $10.95
  • Iced tea: $1.95
  • Zombie: $6.95
  • Tax: $2.69

Total: $44.04


Asian Bistro is located at:

8537 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Be sure to tell them we sent you on your next visit and come back and share your own experience and thoughts.


Jonna Huseman
I have a degree in journalism and have worked in non-profit communications for the last six years. I am also owner/operator of Jonna Michelle Photography based here in Silver Spring. I am passionate about art, travel, animals, supporting the rights of working people and supporting small, local businesses in my community. On a personal level, I would like to get to know Silver Spring better both as a neighborhood and as a community. I want to better know the people who live here and who make Silver Spring such a fabulous place. I would also like to see a better relationship between pedestrians and drivers, and an official opening to a transit center that is both functional and safe.

  • Bethany

    This looks delicious! We’ve gotten carryout from them before but never ate in — and I’ve always been curious about their vegetarian chicken, but hesitant to try it. Was the texture right? I’ve had some where the taste is right but the texture is off.

  • Jonna

    Hmmm… It’s hard to say about texture since I don’t have much experience with veggie chicken. But it seemed okay to me!

  • B Gull

    I’ve eaten here a couple times for lunch. I hands down consider Spring Garden Chinese in the Spring Center along 16th St the best carry out Chinese in DT Silver Spring and vicinity.

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