Bon Appetit: Cameron’s Seafood Market Serves Up Fried Fish Fantasticness

Warning: If you haven’t been to Cameron’s Seafood Market, you need to stop what you’re doing and go. NOW. It’s seriously that good.

Cameron’s has always been one of those places I’ve been curious about, but haven’t had the courage to try. When you don’t grow up with things like crab cakes and oysters on the half shell, it’s sometimes hard to see their appeal. Thankfully, I’m a quick learner, and I’ve got great teachers. Helping me with this leg of the food tour was my friend Brooke, who is a self-proclaimed crustacean lover.

Just so we’re all clear, Brooke and I had to break a few rules. Cameron’s is a carry-out only establishment. It doesn’t have a full-service dining room, a fun fact we didn’t realize until we stepped inside the restaurant. It was a tough call, but we made the executive decision to order food anyway, and I’m so glad we did!

To make sure we got a good sampling of many different items, Brooke and I shared Cameron’s Ultimate Seafood Platter, which comes with 3 pieces of fried whiting, 3 fried jumbo shrimp, 3 spiced shrimp, 3 fried scallops, and a crab cake. In other words, it was pure fried fishy fantasticness. (For those who are calorie conscious, Cameron’s also offers broiled platters and a number of healthy side options, including steamed vegetables and rice). In addition, we each added a cup of soup as an appetizer.

The food was incredible!

Both of our soups were velvety, thick and creamy, but not too rich. A good thing, since our main course was practically endless. (Even with a little help from Cliff, we couldn’t finish it all).

Everything included in the platter was excellent, but Brooke and I had two clear favorites: the fried shrimp and the scallops. Guys, seriously. The scallops were out of this world! It was the first time Brooke and I had ever tried fried scallops, and we’re both hooked. (Don’t ask. You know that pun was totally intended).

In case you’re wondering about the word “market” in Cameron’s title, it’s true—patrons can purchase raw fish, shrimp, oysters and crab cakes to cook at home. What’s more, the staff will clean and fry or broil any fish purchased from the showcase at no extra charge. Talk about service!

Long story short: Cameron’s is another hidden gem that Silver Spring is incredibly lucky to have, and that I cannot wait to go back to. I already have a running list of menu items I want to try next, and a list of visitors who I plan on taking there!

What we ordered:

  • Ultimate Seafood Platter: $17.99
  • Cup of Lobster Bisque $4.99
  • Cup of Cream of Crab: $4.99

Total: $27.91


Cameron’s Seafood is located at:


Be sure to tell them we sent you on your next visit and come back and share your own experience and thoughts.



Author’s Note: Technically, this post should have been about Bombay Gaylord, the family-owned restaurant on Georgia Avenue that serves up authentic Indian cuisine. Sadly, Bombay was damaged in a two-alarm fire last month. The restaurant is temporarily closed and the family and employees of the establishment are struggling. We might not have been able to dine at Bombay Gaylord, but Cliff and I support this Silver Spring staple, and we hope you will, too.

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    That seafood platter looks good! Thanks for sharing, Jonna!

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