Brand Design

Logos are not brands. A logo is one visual representation of a brand. A brand includes far more than simply the visual elements including voice, identity, positioning and other integral elements that define your business.

Think about how you look. When people see you, they may be able to identify you, but does that mean they know you? Of course not. You are considerably more than just your visual identity. In addition, the qualities you have that allow people to connect with you probably have almost nothing to do with your physical appearance. The reason that people want to spend time with you has a lot to do with your your personality. Brands work the same way.

Identifying the brand of your business allows you and all of your staff to consistently reinforce the identity of your business, emphasizing those qualities that attract new customers and create lasting, emotional connections that result in long term revenue.

Got your brand in place? Have you applied it to your website design?