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Next Date: TweetUp 8 @ Abyssinia – Tuesday, June 27 from 7-9PM

 Join the nearly one million Silver Spring Twitter users that come to the Silver Spring TweetUp. With attendance rivaling the 2017 presidential inauguration, you can easily be lost in a crowd of Silver Spring influencers who are excitedly tweeting out Hansen lyrics. Once every three months, local twitter users take over a restaurant on a Tuesday night. Here’s what to expect:

Days/Weeks before the event: Aggressively Tweet out the details of the event often and at all times using the hashtag #SSTweetUp.

Day of the event: Dress in something casual. Or formal. Whatever. Show up at 7PM. Sign in and get a BINGO board. Meet some cool, new people. @SilverSpringInc will talk to you. He, however, is not cool. He’s a wretch. Beware. Order some drinks and food at extended happy hour prices, special for us! Tweet out a few messages to enter our contest. Drink some more. Do the Roger Rabbit. Maybe win an awesome prize through the contest? Eat some more. Get home responsibly; maybe a new friend will give you a ride, if necessary!

After the event: Wake up refreshed, with an expanded social circle and greater connection to your home.

Why a TweetUp? The Silver Spring TweetUp is an opportunity for online communities to connect in real life and, you know, be friends. Over the years, I’ve had to do some pretty aggressive stalking in order to make friends in my community. I attended the @Kefa_Cafe birthday party in 2013 knowing that @JustUpThePike would be there. I saw the @ThirdSpaceWell crowdfunding page, and asked @AcupunctureJoy, @yogitastic and @RLCBrumberger if I could interview them. I saw amazing artwork on Twitter by @Dlemen and @MeaganHealy and asked them to contribute art to the Silver Spring Easter Egg Hunt.  I accosted @mikediegel as he was crossing Bonifant walking his dogs. I attended a fundraiser for @TomHucker in order to meet @AbeSaffer and @SareanaKimia. I attended #DTSSCoffeeClub to meet @TurtleDub616, @BikeEveryday, @TrailOfGears and @Ebubar. I hounded @ThayerAvenue at @FentonStMarket in order to meet the mind behind the blog (which is completely gone, now). That has been a lot of work, but it’s paid off in spades with meeting some excellent people that I have the pleasure of calling friends. Hosting a gathering of Twitter users local to the area seemed like a great way to scale that work. Hosting a gathering of Twitter users in a local restaurant seemed like a great way to maybe introduce some people to some of the great food you can find in our neck of Montgomery County while also supporting local business. Win-win. Since starting them, we’ve had the opportunity to meet tons of awesome neighbors and made many new friends. We hope you’ll join us for the next #SSTweetUp. You might meet some incredible people.