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Suman ShresthaPlease introduce yourself.

My name is Suman Shrestha. I own Fenwick Beer & Wine.

What brought you to Silver Spring?


Tell me about Fenwick Beer & Wine.

I like to try different stuff, so we carry a large selection of beer and wine. I’m not a brand loyal person. I don’t drink the same thing everyday. I like to try different stuff, new stuff on the market and what I haven’t had before, and so that’s where I got the idea. I think there must be somebody else like me who likes to try different than just drinking Budwesier and Coors. That’s what gave me the idea to have this large selection.

You’ve garnered a lot of love from Silver Spring. How do you feel about that?

I’m proud of that because I’m very happy with what I’m doing and people love it. Every year we’ve been getting voted the best. In 2010, we had Takoma Park Silver Spring Voice – Best of the Best, 2011 from the Chamber of Commerce – Best Entrepreneur, 2012 #1 Beer Store in Montgomery County, 2013 Best Place to Buy Beer in DC Metro area and this year we’ll try to win it again.

How have you seen Silver Spring change?

Oh, a lot. Since 1991 I’ve been in this area. If someone hadn’t been here in 20 years, they would get lost. Things are upside done. Everything’s different now.

What do you love about Silver Spring?

Diversity. All different kinds of people from all different parts of the world. Different backgrounds and different cultures. That’s what I’ve enjoyed about staying here for more than 22 years.

When you go out in Silver Spring, where would somebody find you?

I go everywhere. When I see places I haven’t been, new places, new restaurants, coffee shops or new businesses, that’s where I go. I like to go to new stuff, not go to the same place again and again.

What do you dislike about Silver Spring?

Nothing yet.

Is there anything that would make Silver Spring better?

Maybe more businesses, so people don’t have to go to Bethesda or downtown DC area. Something so people don’t have to go somewhere else.

Any specific businesses?

Places people can go for a night out.

Are there any hidden gems in Silver Spring?

Like myself? My business. Not many people know. I get it every week that question, “Oh, how long have you been here? I walk by here every day.” They say they walk by here every day, and they don’t know I’m here. We need to distract them from their iPhone or iPad.

Do you want to say anything about Silver Spring?

Sometimes I try to go downtown for a movie and it’s hard to find a parking space. We have garages, but maybe not big enough. That would bring the people out. Maybe a little bit better, regular bus transportation for people who don’t drive, and they can take the bus and rely on the bus. Public transportation – that would make things better. Little things could make things better. It doesn’t need to be a big huge billion-dollar project. Small things. Maybe some bike lanes would be better like in downtown DC area. I see lots of people riding bicycles, but they have to share with people on the sidewalk or share with cars. If there were a bike lane, I would say definitely that would help lots of people to stroll around the downtown area by bike and bring their family and kids.

Fenwick Beer Wine Interior

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