The Dirt July 2017

Silver Spring Books (938 Bonifant Street) – A sad ending, Silver Spring Books is closing. Word on the street is that another coffee shop may move in to take their place. Beltway Martial Arts (950 Sligo Avenue) – More roundhouse kicks for Silver Spring. What with the opening of Victory Karate in Montgomery Hills earlier

The Dirt June 2017

The Dirt June 2017

The space formerly occupied by a Vietnamese restaurant and Skew Wrosk before that has found a new tenant. Asian Cuisine is moving in and has installed their new sign. This is welcome news to those who miss Asian Grill which closed last year and was located next to Panera Bread. Lina’s Diner & Bar has

DIY Website

Build Your Own Website

So you want to build your own website? Don’t do it. You’ll ruin your business and die alone. Really, there are good reasons you may want to build your own website. While you’re not a web designer/developer, there are a lot of providers who make building a basic website fairly easy. ¬†Even if you’re selling

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