District 5 County Council Candidate Meet & Greet

We’re happy to announce that we’re teaming up with Fenton Street Market to host a Meet & Greet with the District 5 Democratic Candidates this Saturday, May 31 at 1PM. Come by the market and take 2 minutes with each candidate in a speed dating style question session. Learn more about who will represent the democratic party in this year’s June 24 primary.

Got questions? We want to hear them. Send us your questions for the candidates and we’ll try to make sure we ask them. We’ll even be providing a prize for one randomly selected question.

We’ll have a mock vote, so that you can weigh in and we’ll post the results on the site.

We ask that everyone come out to enjoy the day, do some shopping at Fenton Street Market, and meet your candidates. We’ll also be videotaping some of the questions and will post those brief interviews in the coming weeks. Know nothing about local politics? Great! This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about your community, and all of the candidates have demonstrated an admirable focus on educating voters. We hope to see you there!

Pete Tan
A DC Native, people say I'm rude and abrasive; I say I'm passionate. I've been working in marketing since 2005. My brothers and I paid Geppi's rent through the 80s and 90s. My relief at an indoor wavepool never materializing in Silver Spring is balanced by my disappointment that City Place has dozens of shuttered storefronts. I love what you've done with your hair.

  • Jim Tarrant

    Great idea. I plan to attend. Suggest you tag the photos so that folks can mouse over the photos to id who’s who. Otherwise, good move to link to social media.

    1. Pete Tan

      Great idea, Jim. Thanks! We look forward to seeing you today!

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