Speed Date Your D5 Candidate Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Speed Date Your Candidate event at Fenton Street Market this part weekend. We had a great time and many participants and spectators mentioned they had a great time at the event and appreciated the candidates coming out to speak with the voters.

Tom Hucker at D5 Speed Dating Meet & Greet
Tom Hucker – Photo courtesy of JH Photography
Terrill North
Terrill North – Photo courtesy of JH Photography









We got started a little late, but things proceeded fairly smoothly once voters got to asking questions. We provided a list of questions for participants for those that were anxious, but otherwise, voters were allowed to ask anything that they would like. Every participant had 2 minutes to ask questions, so over the hour and a half, we were able to get a lot of participants speaking one on one with the candidates. The format really put the pressure on the candidates to use their time wisely.

Chris Barclay
Chris Barclay – Photo courtesy of JH Photography
Evan Glass
Evan Glass – Photo courtesy of JH Photography








Jeffrey Thames
Jeffrey Thames – Photo courtesy of Pete Tan
Doug Duncan
County Executive candidate, Doug Duncan, made a surprise visit. Photo courtesy of JH Photography
Jamie Raskin
State Senator, Jamie Raskin, dropped by briefly. – Photo courtesy of JH Photography










Results of the Straw Poll:

  • Evan Glass: 6 votes
  • Tom Hucker: 4 votes
  • Chris Barclay: 2 votes
  • Terrill North: 1 vote
  • Jeffrey Thames: 1 vote

Special Thanks: We would also like to offer a special thanks to several individuals who helped immensely with the event. Joe Fox (@SilverSpringJoe) was crucial in helping get individuals to participate in the event. Jonna with JH Photography provided the excellent photos that you see on Twitter and in this post. Robert Andreoli operated the camera for the videos that will be presenting shortly before the primary. The entire Fenton Street Market staff was also a huge help in ensuring everything ran smoothly.

Banner photograph by: Tony and Toba Hausner.

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