Kefa Contest Winner

Hello All,

Painter Paige and Silver Spring Inc wanted to thank everyone that entered submissions to the Why Do You Love Kefa? contest.  Paige and I were finally able to go through and carefully consider all of the entries and contact the winner.

The contest winner was a young girl who sent in the following heartfelt submission:

Kefa Contest Winner Submission

Paige was so thrilled by this young lady’s entry and cannot wait to collaborate with this budding artist and see what their combined talents can come up with!


Again, we would like to thank everyone who submitted entries as well as both Paige Hirsch and Kefa Cafe!

Nate Fisher
I am part Dramatic Writer, part Forensic Scientist, a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades and all child at heart. I joined Silver Spring Inc as Content Manager in June 2014 and haven’t stopped smiling since. I’m passionate about movies, nostalgia, meeting new friends, making people smile and helping them accomplish their dreams. As a newcomer to Silver Spring I just want to keep watching and see where it’s going. From an outside perspective, it was clear upon moving here that there is something very special happening in this city right now. It’s my mission to help the Silver Spring community continue to grow and enjoy the ride.

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