Significant Thought – Part 7 “If You Aint First, You’re Last”

There’s a lot of history in Maryland… Wait! Don’t leave!

I promise, I have a point… and there’s a chance it will be mildly interesting.

Maryland was one of the original 13 colonies. Baltimore and Annapolis were both the nation’s capital at one point. The Defense of Fort McHenry inspired Maryland native Francis Scott Key to pen the Star Spangled Banner. Last but not least, of course, Step Up 2: The Streets was filmed here.

I know I’m a history nerd because my wife tells me all the time. I’ve accepted it… So let’s talk history!



If You Aint First, You’re Last

One cold day in early November 2012, Election Day to be exact, Maryland became the first state in the nation whose voters granted same sex couples the right to marry. Prior to that, any Election Day with same sex marriage on the ballot ended the same way – the voters rejected giving LGBT couples that right.

When I think back on this, and see it in the bigger picture, I think of the Civil War. Stick with me; I’m starting to remember my point.

If you were to visit the Gettysburg Battlefield, you would have the chance to see the Armistead Marker. Named for Confederate General Lew Armistead, many consider it the peak of the Confederacy and the physical location of where the turning point of the Civil War occurred. From that moment on, the South was in an almost constant state of retreat until they were defeated 2 years later.

Prior to 2012, six states allowed same sex marriage. On Election Day in 2012, voters made Maryland number seven (coincidently, Maryland was the 7th state to ratify the Constitution). That same night, though a full hour after Maryland polls had closed, Maine voters made their state number eight, and Washington State voters, later that night, made theirs the 9th. Today, 32 states allow same sex marriage. That seems like a turning point to me. I’m not suggesting we build a monument, unless of course the voters want it.


Does your vote matter?

Yes, it does! And tomorrow, you get to start voting!

I think it’s obvious by now that I think you should exercise this right. The same sex marriage issue is a clear example of the power of your vote.

Regardless of the issue, whatever you believe in should be your motivation to vote.

Don’t let Election Day come and go this year without showing you care about your beliefs. The more voters we have, the more we get a government with priorities that reflect the community’s priorities.

If we all don’t take part in this process, there’s a very real chance my West Wing museum won’t exist.

Early voting starts tomorrow, find a location close to you here. Also tomorrow, I finish my series. You won’t want to miss it!

(If you do, I hope it’s because you’re busy voting and getting others to join you.)


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