Wellness Unlocked: Sleep! It’s an Art and a Science

Sleep, snooze, schluff (what, Yiddish?!) – Whatever you like to call bedtime, we’re talking about healthy sleep in this episode. 

We’re Third Space Wellness and we’re unlocking the keys to your wellbeing.

Hosts for this episode are Joy Andrews, Rachel Brumberger, and Sam Dublin, the co-owners of Third Space Wellness in Downtown Silver Spring. Joy and Rachel are licensed acupuncturists and wellness consultants/educators. Sam is a yoga teacher and fitness instructor. We are bringing our experiences as entrepreneurs, teachers, wellness coaches, worker bees, spouses, friends, and pet lovers to the table. We’re also delighted that our producer, Nate Fisher, with Silver Spring Inc participates in this episode.

This is an episode all about sleep – what healthy sleep is, how to begin achieving it and some commonly overlooked sleep breakdowns. We’re going to cover alarm clocks and your snooze button, electromagnetic disturbances and the importance of clean sheets (the truth really comes out here!). And what about dealing with sleep when you have a partner in your bed? We have some interesting things to say about that. Then there’s happiness, dreams, creativity, food, the amount of sleep and oh so much more!

There are tons of tips in this episode – too many to list – and we touch on essential oils and linen sprays for bedtime. This week’s Q & A come in abundance and we even chat about sleep aids.


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Warning: Sometimes we use bad language. We’re guilty of potty mouth (actually it’s mostly Rachel).


More on your hosts and keeping in touch:

JoyRachel and Sam all have a special appreciation for sleep. Joy is the best sleeper of them all. Rachel can tell you about the transition from being a night owl to a morning person and Sam knows the value of a great sleep tea.

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