The Dirt: November 2015

475,000 people wrote in and demanded increased frequency of The Dirt. People stormed The World Building, hunting us at Creative Colony. Lengthy, handwritten, heartfelt letters flooded our small mail box. Our phone lines were busy for weeks. We got a ton of inappropriate Snapchats. Here’s another post on the heels of the October’s update. We’ll see how long we can keep this up.

We’ve been working on a neighborhood interview series whereby we interview knowledgeable individuals about various neighborhoods in the greater Silver Spring area. We hope to release in early December. Got any neighborhoods you would like to see covered, or experts on a neighborhood? Let us know!

In addition, has anyone been to the corner of Fenton Street and Silver Spring Avenue lately? Between Lesaac hosting large crowds every night, Italian Kitchen opening across the street, and now Sheger Spring Cafe on the other corner, the intersection is seeing the most regular action since Fenton Street Market used to be in the parking lot.

Gusto Italian Grill (8512 Fenton St) – The local fast casual spot opens Thursday, November 11, having just opened their Bethesda location two weeks ago. The first 100 people in line get a free meal! Fully remodeled, the spot takes the place that used to be Fractured Prune. A pop-in(?) provides outdoor space similar to Burger-Fi’s outdoor seating just a few doors down. They’ll have Italian Burritos along with pasta and salad bowls.

T.J. Maxx opens today in Ellsworth Place. Apparently, they’re supposed to bring 60 jobs to the area. That is all.

Ripley East (*Corrected from Ripley II – H/T Woodsider) – Ground has broken on Georgia Avenue for the latest Ripley Place project. This will join Eleven55 Ripley at 21 stories, which will be the two tallest buildings in downtown Silver Spring. Mixed use, the new apartment building will offer ground floor retail, as well as 420 (!) new residential units. There will be a pool deck. I am currently looking for a friend who lives in Ripley55, so I can use the rooftop pool next Summer. You can find my ad on Craigslist.

Dave & Buster’s at Ellsworth Place has signed a long term lease. Okay, Mike?!

Forever 21 Red signed a  lease in Ellsworth Place. It’s a concept store. Apparently the concept is that people in Silver Spring can’t afford regular Forever 21. I’ve heard several people grumbling about this.

Got a development/new business tip? Email us and we’ll add it to our next release of The Dirt.


Pete Tan
A DC Native, people say I'm rude and abrasive; I say I'm passionate. I've been working in marketing since 2005. My brothers and I paid Geppi's rent through the 80s and 90s. My relief at an indoor wavepool never materializing in Silver Spring is balanced by my disappointment that City Place has dozens of shuttered storefronts. I love what you've done with your hair.

  • Jonathan Bernstein

    Helpful update Pete – great if SSinc can keep these going! So back to Pyramid for a moment. Don’t we still need a distillery in Silver Spring? Would the Pyramid building be a good location for a distillery? How could we promote this?

    1. Pete Tan

      That’s a brilliant idea, Jonathan. If someone will open a distillery, I will personally ensure that you hit your whiskey revenue goals. Should we put out an open call for distillers?

  • Woodsider

    The development under construction is Ripley East. Ripley 2 is a proposed second phase to the Solaire (will be built on the current site of Progress Place once the new Progress Place is finished behind the fire station). Both of these developments are by Washington Property Company and I’m sure neither will be called Ripley anything by the time they open.

    Also under construction as of today is this apartment building on Georgia Avenue between Cameron and Georgia

    1. Pete Tan

      Thanks, Woodsider! I’ll update the post.

  • Mike D.

    Yes, Pete, I heard about the lease signing. 🙂 BTW, I raised the Forever 21 Red issue with Petri himself during my tour and he got defensive and the people I was with kept saying “It’s a new concept” and weren’t buying into the cheapness factor, but I think it’s real.

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