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Bon Appétit: Ethiopian Classics at Addis Ababa

After sampling three Ethiopian restaurants in a row, I didn’t think we’d find anything different at Addis Ababa, but once again, Ethiopian cuisine has surprised me. Addis Ababa has a menu item I first learned about watching Anthony Bourdain—raw beef. The dish, gored gored, is a delicacy in the East African country and, according to

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Bon Appétit: Give Peas a Chance at Abyssinia

With the start of the spring semester just around the corner, Cliff’s work load is through the roof. He opted to sit this one out, which gave me an opportunity to fulfill one of my 2015 resolutions: Meet and make new friends. I sampled Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant with my new neighbor, Brooke, and her friend

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Bon Appetit: A is for Abol and Abol is Amazing

Let’s be honest: Cliff and I are two white kids from Nebraska. We’ve never had Ethiopian food before. Prior to eating at Abol, I assumed we wouldn’t like it. I have never been so wrong in my life. We LOVED it! We shared our experience with friends Nate and Christy, who also were thoroughly impressed.