The Dirt April2 017

The Dirt April 2017

Blah, bah, blah… long overdue, will post more… blah, blah, blah. Adulis MCS is a tax business that opened recently on Fenton Street. BTW, today is the last day to file your taxes or an extension. Hope you didn’t forget. The frame (is that the right construction word?) for First Baptist Church has been erected

The Dirt October 2016

The Dirt: October 2016

We’re back! Finally. We appreciate your patience as we got a few things in order. Since it’s been nearly half a year since our last update, we have some fairly dated new, but we hope to be able to post more regularly as the craziness of summer has come to a close. We hope you

Neighborhood Interview – Carlos Perozo, Long Branch

Thanks for joining us for the finalĀ in our five-part neighborhood interview series. We spoke with several community members who are actively engaged in their neighborhoods. Learn about your neighbors and the neighborhoods they call home, including some history, current state, as well as possible futures. Our final interview is with Carlos Perozo, owner of ZP