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As a frequent visitor of Fenton Street Market, I’m always amazed by the talent of our local community. Though most of the vendors come from all over the DMV, here are a few lovely artists that are based right here in Silver Spring.


CFJ Fine Arts

Cynthia Farrell Johnson

Cynthia Farrell Johnson is a personal hero. Her work is colorful, beautiful and most of all – happy. Her bright and vibrant prints can be spotted a mile away and her cards always make my holiday card mailing distribution.


Fetunwork Amedie

Fetunwork Amedie

I can guarantee that you’ve seen the work of this Ethiopian artist. Fetunwork Amendie’s work hung in the windows of the old Macaroni Grill in DTSS. Her work features lots of tall, bold and powerful looking women in colorful patterned dresses.




Paige Hirsch

If you read SSI, you know that Paige Hirsch’s work is currently on display at Space 710 at Kefa Cafe. This abstract collage artist works in bright colors and inspirational words. P.S. Have you not already declared your love for Kefa Cafe to get a free custom piece by Paige?



Rasheeda Pullen-Jirah

Rasheeda Pullen-Jirah

New to my personal local artist radar, I’m already in love with Rasheeda Pulln-Jirah. Her work features close ups of simple moments in life – a father reading his kids a story, a grandmother braiding her granddaughter’s hair, a woman holding a cup of coffee – the best, most memorable moments of life.

Amina Ahmad
I run an eco-friendly candle and nostalgic housewares company - Handmade Habitat - and got my start at Fenton Street Market back in 2010. I got picked up as staff for the market back in 2012 and do some vendor relations, marketing and general Silver Spring takeover type of fun. I'm passionate about creating a more engaged creative community in Silver Spring. I love this neighborhood and have met so many cool, creative people with such big and awesome ideas since I moved to the area and can't wait to see them come to life! I'd like to see more space for the arts, a dog-friendly version of the Purple Line so I can bring my bad little pup to all my favorite places with me, and just a few new but not douchey bars.

Email me non-spammy things at [email protected]

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